Monday, 29 October 2012

Welcome to the blog

When Jesus said, "Don't let your right hand know what your left hand is doing" (Matthew 6:3), he was not giving instructions on how the members of the body of Christ should relate to each other. But in the body of Christ the eye has to communicate with the foot, or the whole body will stumble over the log. 
- Josh Elter, Desiring God

When we first suggested to the staff that a blog would be great as a new form of communication for our church community, I'm fairly certain that not everyone was sold on the idea. 
But what they were convinced of was the need to communicate. And to do it well. That's why this little extract from the Desiring God blog makes me smile, because we all know how important communication is, but oftentimes our best intentions don't match our actions. 
So we are blogging! 
...about the day to day of ministry life, 
...about events coming up and all the stuff that happens behind the scenes.  
We are blogging devotions and praise reports
and so much more. 
So that we might all feel and be that much more connected to what wonderful things God is doing in and through our church each day. 

What's more, we want to invite you to join us and follow this little experiment!
We are taking a chance, getting out of our comfort zone and it could get interesting. 
Why a blog? you ask. 
We hope that this platform will help promote better communication with one another that our " body" may not stumble over any logs but rather flourish, grow, race forward in pursuit of our collective and Christ-given mandate. 
So the question is, are you going to come with us in this? 
To follow the blog you can subscribe using the link on the right! This will deliver the feed straight to your inbox every time we post. 
Got something in your ministry to share on the blog? 
There's more room for that yet to come, so subscribe and stay tuned. 
We hope you enjoy this! 


  1. Guess I'm one of the first to comment. So I hope this blog does well ... I think it's a great idea.

  2. Is that Pete Davis?