Sunday, 3 March 2013

Keep Walking!

Last April I began to think through the planning of the Women’s Conference for 2013.   I had heard about Jenny Salt and I decided that it would be a good idea to phone her.  To my surprise she invited me to Sydney Missionary & Bible College for a morning coffee.  We discussed many ideas of what to teach at the conference and to be honest I was just relieved that she said “yes” to my date.  The Lord knew exactly what we needed to hear and after another meeting in early December, Marg Hudson, Jenny and I were confident with the outline of the vision for the MAC Women’s Conference for 2013.  We prayed!
POWER WALKING – a life worth living!
Planning began, advertising arranged and workshops determined.  We prayed!  Caterer was booked, colour theme decided and music team sorted.  We prayed!  Registrations began. We prayed! Here are some reflections from our conference which was held on Saturday February 16.
  • Walking into an atmosphere of femininity with hot pink being the colour theme.  
  • Having our very own “women’s music team” and enjoying the singing together, reminding one another what Christ has done for us and living our life for Him.
  • Seeing familiar faces and meeting new women from MAC all sitting together waiting in anticipation of what Jenny Salt will teach from Colossians 1 and 4.
  • Seeing older and younger women learning together, being reminded that God uses the preaching, teaching and speaking of the Word to bring people into His Kingdom.  He uses us, feeble as we are but he uses us!
  • Jenny Salt challenged us to devote ourselves to prayer.  That living each day was power walking in Christ - speaking to God about people and speaking to people about God with gentleness and respect. 
  • The urgency of living every day; power walking with the Gospel on our lips! “Soak in the Word of God”.
  • The chatter as the women returned from the workshops.  There was excitement and discovery in the air.
  • Leaving the building challenged to have thankful hearts to God for everything He provides and to tell others of the grace He has showered us with.

Menai Anglican Women's conference recap from SNC CreativeArts on Vimeo.

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