Sunday, 5 May 2013

An Insight into CampOne 2013 - Illuminate

On Tuesday April 16th, hundreds of eager campers arrived at Deer Park, keenly awaiting the start of CampOne 2013: Illuminate, excited for the days ahead of them.  At camp, the leaders were filled with enthusiasm and a passion for God’s word. They interacted with us, cared for us, and genuinely loved us. This had a deep impact on us and encouraged us to grow and learn in our faith.

Our daily schedule included exciting activities such as water-bomb fights, archery, soccer, tribal games, numerous turns on the water slide and a lot of free time.

Every night we would forward into the main auditorium on-site to worship God and hear the brilliant and moving messages both Joel and Damo had poured much of their time and effort into preparing for us. We were all challenged to examine our relationships with God, reflect, and evaluate what needed to be improved upon.

During this time, we were greatly encouraged to see a large amount of young people come to Christ, and it was also inspiring to see them being welcomed into our ‘family’ with open arms.

We are extremely thankful to God for this, and as a youth group/church, recognize that this is not only the start of a life full of trials, but also a rewarding life reflective of God’s light, love, and Christian fellowship.

Another great part of camp we were blessed to experience was the small groups. Every afternoon in groups of 5-10 people, we were presented with reflection questions - usually regarding the main talks. This provided an opportunity to really think about and apply what we had learned in the main talks.

As a result of CampOne 2013, we were united as a group and as we grew in our faith and love for one another, we bonded as a family. We grew closer, encouraging one another in brotherly and sisterly love, and supporting one another in our walks with Christ.

We are very thankful to all the leaders and YouthWorks staff for taking their time to plan and prepare all of the above, plus much more. Camp was something we will never forget, bringing us closer to God, our peers and our leaders.

It served as a brilliant reminder that even though our life on Earth may be short, there are much greater things to come for those who are in Christ.

- Daniel Wallace

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  1. Well said Daniel. I visited Campone on the Friday and was struck by the fun and joy everyone was having. I could feel God was at work through the leaders and the youth who'd come to spend time with God.

    Well done to everyone involved. The heavens rejoiced at the sight of new hearts being declared for Christ.

    Peter D