Tuesday, 11 February 2014

40 Hours A Year

40 hours a year...
This is all the time that our Kids Space Team (10am Children’s Ministry) get to spend with the children in their groups over one year.

So imagine what can be accomplished if we were able to have an extra 48 hours with our Kids Spacers in the one year; we would be doubly blessed! Double the fun, double the relating, double the faith building, double the eating… you get the drift.

So rather than extending the hours of Kids Space, the Kids Space team have decided to have a weekend away for children in years 3-6 at school who come to Kids Space and Saturday Night Church.

It is important for this to be at the start of the year to ‘launch’ our year and establish relationships. Having the children come away with the Kids Space Leaders for a weekend will literally double our time spent together. The implications are huge: our Kids Space Leaders will get to know the children in their small groups, our children would get to know each other better, our Leaders will get be able to work alongside other Leaders, and we can all have a bit of a holiday together by the beach (of course we will need to find cooks as I am devoid of all giftedness in this area).

One of our core values in Children’s Ministry at Menai Anglican is to be a ‘community of friends’ and this is difficult when the children attend different schools, live in different suburbs and have only one hour a week together. A weekend away will make a huge difference in how we all relate to each other with shared experiences, funny stories and with a substantial amount of time in God’s word away from Facebook, computers and other screens.

The team of leaders are excited and all we need now are the children to join us February 28th-March 2nd at Austinmer Anglican Church. Mums can make the most of this quiet weekend as this is also the weekend away for the men at the Katoomba Men’s convention!

We are really looking forward to seeing what God has in store for us and your children over this weekend away.  

Mary Pickford - Children's Minister,  Yvette Maloney and the Kids Space team

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