Monday, 29 July 2013

Women's Hot Topic Evening - Why Envy?

When I was first asked to speak on envy, I had never really thought about it before.  I didn’t even think I’d been effected by it..... until I started to think seriously about what envy was and how it showed itself in our lives.  As it turned out “envy” was and is EVERYWHERE - even shops and perfumes have the name “envy”! 
However, what disturbed me most as I read and talked with people, was that most of us didn’t really think it was big deal - after all, it didn’t really hurt others....... or did it?

Envy is the source of almost every other sin, it destroys other people’s lives as well as our own, it skews our thinking and decision making in destructive ways.  For these reasons, I love speaking on “envy”- it challenges me to take a long hard look at myself, and reminds me that God gives us hope to turn our lives and thinking around, and an antidote to this most secret of sins.

I hope and pray that as women leave the evening at Menai Anglican Church, they will be challenged and given hope as I have been.
By Ainsley Poulos  
Ainsley is married to Archie and has three kids, 4 chickens, 2 rabbits and a guinea pig. She loves teaching God's word in an engaging way and helping women come to see how it speaks to every area of their lives.  Ainsley helps run EQUIP Women’s Ministries and chairs EQUIP ministry wives- a conference encouraging the wives of ministers.
In her spare time, she works as a speech pathologist (
WEDNESDAY 28 AUGUST 7.30pm – 9.30pm

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